Spring Menu

Kimchi Pancake - kimchi and bean sprouts in a thick savory pancake. Topped with rice, siracha mayo, green onions, bean sprouts, sesame seeds and comes with a house made dipping sauce. Slightly spicy!

Banh Mi Bowl - Marinated tofu, spicy sriracha sausage, picked onions, fresh bean sprouts, cucumbers, jalapeño, pickled daikon and carrots, a mix of fresh herbs: thai basil, mint, cilantro, and green onions. Topped with sriracha mayo and a lime wedge.

Mushroom Burger - seasoned Impossible patty, grilled oyster mushrooms, provolone cheese, and our delicious brown gravy. Even comes will a little extra gravy to dip into or drink if you really want to.

Poutine - seasoned fries, brown gravy, shredded cheese and crumbled cheese, topped with parsley.