1 Year Anniversary & Updates

Updated: May 22nd, 2020


It's our 1 year anniversary weekend at Kentucky Ave! How time flies. We appreciate all of our customers who have been with us and supporting us through the years, especially this past year at our larger space.

Regarding Kentucky restaurant dinning rooms opening back up. We will NOT be opening our dining room to guests yet. We want to make sure we get it right! But we are offering outside picnic style dining.

If you plan on doing a take out order, you can just park up front like normal and we will take your order in your car. If you'd like to eat on our patio either you can:

1. Park up front, we can take your order, and then you can park behind our building on Broadway and 7th. Then walk through the alley and sit down.

2. You can park on Broadway and 7th, walk through our side alley and take a seat. Then we will come out and take your order.

Food will still be in to go containers, keep that in mind. Once we are ready for dine-in we will announce it from the rooftops! We've also decided to be open until 7PM!

Limited Hours:

Tuesday - Saturday 11AM - 7PM

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