About Us

Branch Out Foods is Daniel & Gabrielle Dodd, a husband and wife team who saw options lacking for anyone eating plant-based and gluten-free in Paducah Kentucky.

Gabrielle has had gluten allergies since 2007, and both of them became vegetarian in 2011.  With a severe lack of places to eat, necessity demanded they learn to make their own.  As the years went on and they learned to love sharing their food, in 2013 Branch Out became a dream that they started to work on.


It took a long time to make it official, which was April 2016.  Started using the WKCTC kitchen, selling person to person and at the Paducah Farmers Market.  After getting the necessary licenses to sell their cheesecakes to local businesses, this helped get their brand out.

With the cheesecakes selling and the farmers market keeping them busy, they weren't able to keep up with demand.  The kitchen use was getting to expensive and it was time to find a new location.

December of 2016 they were able to secure leasing 2201 Broadway Unit R, the old Heavenly Cakes building.  It took a long time to get the place safe for gluten free cooking.  

March 21st of 2017, was the official opening date for Branch Out.  After a wonderful year they realized that they couldn't grow in their current space, and that 5 tables wasn't enough to serve the influx of new customers.


So April 19th was the last day at the Ritz Midtown location, and the process was started for a new kitchen at 713 Kentucky Ave.  This space is much larger and have outdoor seating, as well designed to exactly what Branch Out needs.

In May, the Paducah Farmers Market was the only place in town to buy Branch Out.  Lots of customers still came out in support, and there were lines nearly every week!

After it was apparent that the new location wouldn't be ready until 2019, they were able to procure a pop up location located at 110 Broadway until their new space was ready.  Which closed December 29th 2018. The new location opened May 23rd!

Spring of 2020, during the restaurant shutdown for Covid-19, they stayed open for carry out.  Their amazing customers helped keep them open and thriving even through the struggle.  As of Summer of 2020 the dining room is open, but are keeping at 33% capacity to allow for safety of their staff and guests.