Current Menu as of 7/5/2019.  As we train our new staff and learn our new kitchen, we may run out of certain items sooner then we'd like.  Please call us to make sure something you've really got your heart set on is in stock.  Thanks!


Summer Menu

Soup: Curry Tomato Red Lentil 

Salad: Cobb Salad

mixed greens • carrots • cucumbers • red cabbage • cherry tomatoes • rice paper bacon • violife 'blue cheese' •

beyond meat 'chicken' • tofu egg



Sandwich: Lobster Roll

roasted hearts of palm • old bay seasoning • celery • red onion • capers • dill • chives • on a warm roll • Comes with Side



Sandwich: Tofu Banh Mi

marinated tofu • cucumbers • pickled daikon and carrots • cilantro • jalapenos • green onion • thai basil • sriracha mayo • Comes with Side

Bowl: Coming Soon