Frequently Asked Question

How did Branch Out start?

Please visit our About Us page for more details!


What about gluten cross contamination?

Our kitchen is a safe location for anyone with celiac or a gluten allergy.  There is a possibility with cross contamination from items we purchase to use, but we make a note whenever we can.

What about nut allergies?

We can not at this time be nut free.  Many of the products we use have nuts.

I have "blank" allergy, is your food safe?

All of our food is free of gluten, this is because the creator of this business has a gluten allergy.  We clearly label all of our food to possible allergens, and try to make it easy and clear to find.  But if you have a specific question or request for more details, I will be glad to get it to you.  This includes if items used in our products were 'made on the same line' as your allergen.  

I'd really like a custom item, how do I go about this?

At the moment we only have one baker to handle all sweets and bread, once we are able to hire more people we should be able to handle special orders.

I'd really like to see you sell a specific item!

That's great, I'd love to hear it.  It may not be possible yet, or it could be on it's way.  I just need you to send me a message through the Contact Page. I really need input from people to make the business better!

Why is Branch Out moving so much?

We were first located at the Paducah Farmers Market, then we stayed at the Ritz Midtown for a little more then a year, then we left that location and started at the Farmers Market again.  Then we were given the opportunity to do a PopUp event at 110 Broadway, it's been a roller coaster!  But it's all for our final location at 713 Kentucky, where we will be for the next 5 years, no more moving after that, promise!

What are you doing to keep people safe during the Covid -19 outbreak?

  • The state of Kentucky is allowing for 50% occupancy at restaurants, but for the safety of our staff and customers we've decided to keep it at 33%, which allows for 8ft between tables instead of the 6ft recommended by the health department.  

  • We've also separated a staff restroom and customer restroom, as this could be a high risk area for either group to come in contact with pathogens.  We have staff cleaning both restrooms every 2 hours to keep it as clean as we can.

  • We also constantly sanitize all surfaces of the restaurant that customers or staff use as often as possible, with the maximum length of time being 2 hours between cleaning.  

  • Staff keep masks and gloves on when in contact with prepared food, or when handling carry out orders, dine in orders, drinks, and much more.

  • All dine in food is still being served on compostable plates.  This is to keep our staff safe, as we'd have to bring dirty dishes in through our kitchen.

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