Pop-up FAQ

Why are you doing a Pop - Up?

Since leaving our Ritz location, we were only able to do special orders and sell at the Paducah Farmers Market.  We love working with them, as it was our first experience selling our products.

But it really limited what we could sell, and when the weather was bad we couldn't set up.  Our new location isn't ready yet, and our landlord just bought 110 Broadway building.  She allowed us to use this space to fill the gap between the farmers market and our new location.

Why aren't you serving a full menu?

The D. Starnes BBQ building doesn't have a full kitchen, which would normally have an exhaust hood.  This limited what we can serve.  We will have to cook most of our food at another kitchen, which we've been renting for the Paducah Farmers Market.  

Why are you only open 3 days a week for lunch?

Because of the limitations on the fact we can't do cooking at 110 Broadway, we have to work around the kitchen we are currently renting off site.  Our contract is only for Wednesday - Saturday until late afternoon.  Wednesday will be a prep day, and the rest of the day is for further prep and cleaning.  

And as much as we'd like to be open later or longer, this still gives us plenty of time to work on our 713 Kentucky location when we aren't at 110 Broadway.

This is all very confusing!

We are sorry for any confusion, we understand!  It will all be worth it once our 713 Kentucky location is finished and ready, we've signed a contract for 5 years there, so you won't have to be confused for much longer!

Will there be any cross contamination?  (Pork and/or Gluten)

This BBQ business was open up until September 1st, and it was still being used by a neighboring business to bake gluten filled items up until mid October.

We are cleaning everything very well and bringing all of our own cookware, cooktops, warmers, tables and chairs and much more.  We will do everything we can to make this a safe dining experience for everyone.

And 95% of all cooking will be done in a kitchen that is still safe from contamination.